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Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools (formerly Fascial Assessment Soft Tissue Tools) are the soft tissue mobilization tools that can take myo-fascial manipulation and mobilization to the next level in your practice.  The design of the 2 tools available enables you, the practitioner, to work over all surfaces of the body quickly and easily. We have been able to reduce scar tissue problems from old injuries/surgeries and achieve greater results with pain control, joint and muscle flexibility that many thought was unattainable.

We have spent years developing the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools to make them the best available tools for a practitioner to implement in to his/her practice and be affordable enough to incorporate in every treatment room.  The Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools rejuvenate muscles, tendons and ligaments.  The main reason we developed 2 tools over finding that “one” design to do it all, is that the body is so unique.

With years of development, we found that just one tool can be useful for some body parts, but not every area of the body. With the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools, the large tool (F1) and smaller tool (F2) design we can mobilize tissue in large areas of the body and switch to the smaller tools for more intricate areas such as the hands, feet and neck.   The Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools both have 100% surface usage i.e. all edges are designed for treatment for maximum efficiency.

  • Special material designed for the tools is a composite metal injected plastic which has a higher weight than aluminum and slightly lighter than steel.
    • This special material allows the tools to be dense enough to mobilize tissue adhesions with ease and requires no extra pressure on the tissue. Allowing a better experience for the patient.
  • The tools have a built in grip for maximum angular pressure on the tissue and don’t get slippery with additional lotions, creams or emollients.
    • This makes them easier to hold and reduces stress on your hands
    • Makes them easy to wipe down between patients
    • Grip of the tools decreases slippage of the tools in your hands which saves time during treatment.
  • Superior weight over plastic tools
    • The larger tool(F1) weighs in at 12 oz and the smaller tool(F2) is 4.6 oz
    • The special formulation of metal and plastic allow our tools to have superior weight over all plastic derived tools.
    • Most plastic tools require multiple strokes with increased pressure to break up adhesions, this is not the case with the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools
  • The Fluid Motion Soft Tissue tools are designed for the busy practitioner to implement with many soft tissue techniques.
    • Many techniques exist to utilize the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools with.
      •   Many soft tissue mobilization technique taught around the work today can utilize Fluid Motion Soft Tissue tools
      • Acupuncturists who perform traditional Gua Sha, utilize the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools
      • Reducing keloids in a scar from surgery has never been easier!
      • The Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools can be utilized with many other manual techniques such as Myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, Cyriax cross friction, Lewit manual therapy, trigger point therapy, and many others

I’m Dr. Jerad Bludorn, a Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist in Lake Norden SD.  I was trained in many soft tissue myofascial techniques as an intern in Minneapolis MN in 2001.

After practicing for 3 years in Minnesota and treating many unique and hard to treat conditions with great results, I moved to South Dakota.  When I arrived in SD I had no tools to use of my own so I began my practice using several(100’s) different plastic Gua-Sha type tools as well as jade, buffalo horn tools and a ceramic spoon,  I began developing the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue tools.

To date my uncle, who has been in the molding industry for 30 years, and I have produced over 40 different designs out of aluminum with varying angles and thicknesses and treatment surfaces.  When our final design was a success we produced a mold of the tools and went looking for a superior product to make the tools out of.

After researching many materials, we found the composite metal injected plastic had a superior weight and was perfect for our tools design.   I have specialized in sports medicine injuries, but in a largely rural area, I have seen a variety of injuries, and old scar tissue from multiple surgeries.  I love to see the great results the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools bring people who thought for many years that they would have to live with their condition or lack of function.

Helping people feel better than they ever imagined is my goal in life and to be able to help other practitioners achieve the same results on a day to day basis is my passion. The tools are tough, non-marring, will not stain, have a soft feel and are easy too clean, what more could you ask for!

Check out images of the Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools below, click for a larger version:

Large image of the Fast Tool

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